Refinery Efficiency

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Refinery Efficiency:
Ore Processing:
Refinery Base Yield:
Gross Efficiency:
Equipment Penalty:
Net Efficiency:

This calculator is no longer accurate due to the recent changes made to refinery efficiency in Rubicon

  • The Refinery Efficiency calculator will return your gross and net efficiency as a percentage.
  • The gross efficiency is your skill-based efficiency added to the refinery base yield.
    The net efficiency is a fraction of your gross efficiency based on your standings and the equipment penalty (the hard limit on POS refineries). If the gross efficiency is greater than 100%, we use 100%.
    The net efficiency is your true efficiency.
  • Ore Processing skills are the ore specific skills. Setting this to 0 will return the same refining efficiency percentage as the in-game reprocessor.
  • Refinery base yield can be found on the reprocessing panel in the top right corner. Starbase refineries have a base yield of 0.5.
  • Typical equipment penalties are 0.35 for a Refining Array and 0.75 for an Intensive Refining Array. Stations have no penalty (1.0).