Special Ops Recon, Exploration Corp

Recruitment Status: RECRUITING

  • We do group missions, Mining as well as low-sec exploration.
  • Friendly easy going corp thats happy to have you in its ranks.
  • We operate a “if it aint red, don’t shoot” policy (NRDS).
  • Into teamwork for the good of the corp & its members in whatever missions we accept.
  • English speaking
  • Various time zones
  • Some roleplay
So if you need that strange object that you picked up on deep space scanners checked out, destroyed, or brought back for analysis then we are the Guys & Girls for the job. No job too hard or simple is ignored.

Currently Recruiting, if you are interested please contact either Asptar, Manes Avatarr, LUCIA28 or Cr0wbeck Starseker

Alternatively, post on our recruitment and diplo forum here: http://forums.advnt-eve.org/viewforum.php?f=39

CORP EMPLOYMENT POLICY: http://www.adventurers.org.uk/policy.html

Anti-Pirate / Anti-Slavery & Against Amarr injustice